Saturday to-do list of knitting

1. Knit and block entrelac swatch on size 1’s and size 2’s if need be.

2. Knit on the Apres Surf.

3. Block Clessidrae swatch. (How the hell do you pronounce that? I’m going on Ravelry and asking the pattern maker). I think it was knitted on size 2’s. Verify that.

4. Mail off knitting magazines.

5. Mail snood.

6. Order knitting needles, sizes 0, 3, 4 (cables) and size 6 (tips).

7. Reorganize books.

My UFOs Knitting Queue

  • Apres Surf Hoodie
  • Ribbons & Bows set
  • Doilies
  • Juliet Sweater
  • A Cardigan for Arwen


  • Luiza
  • Gnome (Jultomtar)
  • Marcasite Mehndi stole
  • Echo Flower Shawl (this is a maybe, but it’s cute)
  • Forest path stole (I have begun considering whether I want to knit this or not, now. But I keep looking at the yarn thinking it would suit nothing else but this, especially considering all the trouble I went to to get the yarn exactly how I want it.

Some Patterns I Want (from my Ravelry Queue)






Priorities After Some UFOs Are Done

I’ll fill this out later.


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