Goals for the BSG 3-month challenge

I decided to participate in the BSG challenge on Ravelry.

The 3-parter will include the following projects:

1. Finish the Apres Surf Hoodie – Make the sleeves, then start the body.

2. Knit the Jaywalker socks as time permits

3. Make the Musica mitts as time permits.

Current status

I am on the last section of the entrelac socks before you knit the top ribbing. I had to frog 1 1/2 rows to get to the point where I could start the final half-triangles. I am also considering knitting the Holden shawlette in multicolors interspersed with gray. I like the effect of changing the color you’re using every one or 2 rows, like I’ve seen recently on Ravelry. It will be cute.

I am also spinning the last eighth of the Juliespins Jungle fiber. It’s been going pretty well. I have to kind of fight to maintain my focus on the width of what I’m spinning. Some days it slips to size 36 or 28 width, when I’m actually aiming for 38 to 40.

I keep looking at my stash, and while I love it immensely, I am ready to start stashbusting for real; and designing things for it at times when things aren’t going to plan knitwise.


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