Almost finished with the entrelac socks

I have to finish the foldover bind off, weave the ends and fix any problems. They look good, but there is always something with my projects that I feel could have been done better. I wish I had someone with the same type feet at hand who could try them on for me. That’s always an issue when the person you’re knitting for doesn’t live near you.

I had to frog some of the Holden shawlette today and yesterday. I fixed some yarnovers that didn’t look like the majority of yarnovers in my shawl, and today I fixed some knitted stitches that had been knitted through the back loop instead of like a regular knit stitch. I can’t say it looks better due to the reknitted area not being evenly tensioned, but now I know I won’t be looking at that section and saying “It’s wrong!” when I’m finished with it.

I’m making it out of Wollmeise…while it doesn’t really feel like wool yarn to me, I love how it knits up. The fabric it’s making has such a neat texture to it on the stockinette section. I hope to get my hands on the Merlot colorway someday. That’s my favorite color of everything: clothes, accessories, furniture, Y-A-R-N…

I mentioned the shawlette in the Yarn Diet group on the Stash and Burn forum, and a lot of people liked it, so Brownberry and I started a KAL. She’s decided to offer prizes for everyone who posts a picture of their shawl and finish them by a certain day in April. She is so cool; I love that she thought of that! It never even crossed my mind! lol

I have been thinking about my stash quite a bit over the last few months. I have slowed down on yarn purchases and when I get a few more must-have books, I am quitting buying those as well. I’m set for the next 10 years on that stuff.

I keep having the urge to knit up the stash as quickly as possible, just to see how far and fast I get. My main problem though is constant vigilance. I can concentrate really good for 1-2 hours at a time, but after that, things stretch out to days or weeks before I go back to it. sticking to it without getting distracted. Some people have a stick-to-it-iveness that I lack. I wish I knew how they managed to maintain that focus.


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