Longest freaking morning in the history of the world

That would be today. And there’s still 2  hours left before one can decently call it lunch hour. I’m going to be knitting and drankin’ a Coca Cola for lunch today.

One of my coworkers saved everybody’s life today and taped a glittery paper shamrock to my shoulder. So what if I have a stream of bright green glitter from here to the ground? You’re still alive, no one has pinched me and I haven’t been forced to spend some time in jail. Freaking holidays.

I finished the entrelac socks and got them in the mail. The Holden shawl is in progress (about 10 rows to go before I can start the edging rows), I started a Mawelucky Birthday Pi knitalong (my first circular shawl) and I’m going to be starting the Jaywalker socks.

I love the bright red of the Holden shawl. It’s cheery even though it’s not my usual beloved burgundy. I love how it is mostly stockinette and four yarnovers. It’s so easy as long as I don’t drop a stitch at the edge and have to fix it. I’ve done that twice. The first time was a small uphill battle, the second time was a time consuming nightmare! It sucked up one and a half hours to get 3-5 stitches over 9 rows.

The Birthday Pi is going well so far, but I am going to start it over because the circular needle I’m using is giving me fits as I magic-loop the beginning.

The needles start out kind of wide looking and then narrow down sharply so that they are equal to the width of the cord. So when I slide the cord to get to the other half of the shawl, they ease over the narrow part and come to a standstill over the wider part. I keep having to tug on them and it’s weakening the yarn some. A few times I have been afraid I would break the actual stitch. I’m going to go through my needle stash and see if I have a knitpicks size 4 or 5 needle I can use.


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