18 thousandth time’s a charm

As much as I hate it when people use 18 thousand instead of 18,000 here I am using it myself.

After another two off-count incidents yesterday, I am for the 18 thousandth time, going to mod the Holden shawl. This makes me feel stupid.

There are 824 of these on ravelry, 536 of them have been finished. The people who knit those must be intuitive or something. I ain’t getting it.

So here’s my new math.

Each swoop is

SKP, K9, K2tog (14 stitches)

I have 205 stitches on the needles right now. 205 minus 1 for the center is 204. Half of 204 is 102 stitches, 102 divided by 14 is 7.28 something.  Not good enough because I’m going to need a whole  number, so I take the number of repeats up from 7 to 8. 14×8=112. 112×2=224 stitches, plus 1 for the center stitch = 225. Plus 6 for the edging = 231 total.

205 +4 (increases on every knit row) = 209

209+4 =213




225 +4=229


That’s 2 more stitches than the 231 total, so I’m going to have to maybe lose the two yarnovers made before the center stitch.

8 swoops on each half, 16 swoops total, maintaining the center spine.

What if I decided to add a stitch between each repeat (I could maybe put some beads there). Also, I don’t know that I’d like to maintain the center spine, so what if I made that a swoop too? I could use up more of the yarn that way as well.

So, that’d be another 14 stitches, plus one stitch between swoops.

* = swoop

| = stitch

* | * | * | * | * | * | * | * |  ( center *  center ) | * | * | * | * | * | * | * | *

That’s 16 extra stitches between swoops, plus 14 for the center swoop.

So, 233 +16+14=263








261+2 (leaving out center double yo’s)=263

That’s another 28 rows of stockinette stitch, including the purl rows. I may have to use all black yarn for the total scallop edging. I don’t know if I have enough wollmeise left to get me to the edging after all the increases. We’ll see.

NOTE: Seems like the wollmeise ends will weave in better if I weave it in using 2 plies at a time.

A few weeks ago

I ordered the one-pound grab bag from Silver Suns Alpaca. The owner asked what colors and fibers I liked. I told her merinos and merino blends, and I liked all kinds of colors, but my favorites were dark colors, burgundy and black. She said, “What about angelina?” I love glitter!

So she sent me 2 glitzy ones and 2 merino (100% merino I think).

This is one side of them:

This is the other side of them:

While I’m at it, here’s the current status of the Birthday Pi shawl.

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