Where rearranging is not fun

I had plans this weekend, and I decided to straighten up the stash a little before I left the house. A secondary goal was to find the fibers I’d pulled from a rug hooking kit so I could get them matched by someone else. I was thinking I would take a “my entire stash” pic that weekend or next weekend, but after I realized just how much yarn it was, I realized I didn’t want to have to put it all up once I was done.

There were bits and wound balls of yarn all over the place, so I decided to get them in one place, or at least congregated. There’s the big trash bag of yarn, two separate shoebox stacks, a stackable bin and a carryall tote.

In addition to these items, there’s a box holding the yarns for the Knitpicks East Meets West tote and a small gnome kit, yarns for a couple of sweaters, and a shawl, yarns I need to dye, and yarns I need to spin together to make “a real yarn”, not a fine sewing thread pretending to be yarn.

The sweater yarn,  gnome kit, and other stray yarns were moved to the stackable bin. There’s more roving I need to find a space for until I can spin the whole bundle.

This bin is an interlocking stack of 3, from smallest to largest size. The lid fits the largest side. I really like these (got them on sale at Wal-Mart), but I prefer Container Store boxes because every container has its own individual lid, and when closed, they stack up without tipping over.

Stash in the top bin is 3 multicolor skeins of Red Heart Supersaver received from my coworkers this past Christmas; 2 skeins of Dream in Color Baby (something burgundy and Chinatown Apple); a multicolor skein of shibui Knits sock yarn – colorway Jewel, I think). Next to those in the gold-accented plastic is a gnome kit, a pinkish skein of laceweight hand-dyed by me, and wound skeins of Garn Studio cotton viscose to make my Juliet sweater.

In the bottom of the stackable bin are 3 skeins of Palette in the front row; a hand dyed red rainbow multicolor skein from a London Ravelry member; a black-grey-white skein of No Two Snowflakes laceweight; some black worsted weight skeins and a couple of black Cherry Tree Hill yarn balls, and the remainder of the Juliet sweater yarn (in the plastic bag); plus more detail on the Shibui Knits skein mentioned previously.

Projects not being made for me personally are in the tote. The yarns for a sweater were  from a plastic bag to the stackable bin, along with other yarns that hadn’t had a home.

I also decided to clear off the dressers, which is a still ongoing battle. I neatened it up a lot, but the more I’d work on them, the more aggravated I got. I was in “I am not leaving the room until it is done” mode, and got all cranky. I wanted to get it done so badly I skipped other plans I’d made that day until the organizing was done, and at that point I no longer felt like doing anything.

It looks much better in here, but my mind is no longer clear about my stash goals. I’m going to work on my current projects and slowly go through the stash (again) to make a plan. Maybe that will help alleviate some of the stress I’ve been going through lately.


2 thoughts on “Where rearranging is not fun

  1. I’m impressed. I need to do this, also. Though my stash of yarn has dwindled considerably over the last couple of years, my stash of fiber to be spun has not. I can so identify with that cranky feeling and getting into that mode of “I am not leaving this room until this is finished,” which I don’t think is really healthy, but I do that, too. For things I have been putting off for a long time. Kudos!

    rebeccaH on Ravelry

    • I hear you on the spinning fiber; I have at least stopped growing the pile. I refused to buy anymore until the last of the Juliespins laceweight I’ve been working on has been spun up.

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