I’m starting to think it’s me

Personal note to self: NO, NO, NO!!!! You do not need new yarn. You haven’t even knitted up your old yarn. You still have yarn and cotton crochet projects from the 80’s, before you even learned to knit. NO, you do not need new fiber either. Finish up your Juliespins Jungle colorway fingering weight, that big pretty bundle of turquoise black and white fiber, and knit up a few more projects, then we’ll talk. I don’t care how pretty it is, you have storage issues and there are other knitters in the world who might want some Juliespins as well. Give them a chance to get some under their belt, whydoncha?

And while we’re at it, I know you covet that tigereye lace from Creatively Dyed like nobody’s business, but come on now, when would you actually knit it? Ever? You’re going to stick it on a shelf somewhere and forget you even have it in your stash.

Until you can treat it the way it deserves to be treated, you’re going to have to let it go. I know it is your cold dead hands favorite, but you’re just not ready for that level of commitment. You’d have to find the perfect project for it, which we all know does not exist. So then you’d have to create a pattern for it, and you know and I know (and therefore, we know) you are never going to find that kind of time while you are working and taking classes and chilling to the max with your friends. Accept this and move on.


Some days, it feels like knitting is against me. Problems keep cropping up where nobody else (but me) seems to have any. I thought at this point I’d have enough knitting experience under my belt that I could see problems developing and head them off at the pass, but apparently that takes more than three years.

JAYWALKERS: I may have to mod these. I have checked some of the most helpful notes for the pattern on Ravelry and no one says anything about having extra stitches when starting the pattern part. I didn’t have the patience to go through them all.

I have 3 stitches left over after the ribbing. So I’m thinking decrease the 3 stitches away, then when starting the pattern part, instead of a 1-stitch increase, K8, double decrease, K8, it should be increase by 2, K8, double decrease, K8 all the way across.

I’ll try it and see how it works out. I want to really put the hurt on these.

Spoke to silverpurl about this issue. She says, forget it and make something that works for you. It is the having of great socks that matters, not the having of Jaywalkers in particular. So, maybe Rivendell or the Selkie socks from the books by Janel Laidman. Or Atlantis. I am really liking the 3-part look of those.

HOLDEN: No complaints on this one. I’m still somewhere in the middle of the stockinette right now. Slow going once I went down to size 5 needles. I do a row here and there. I have found where a yarnover was knitted incorrectly, but at this point I don’t care. It’s about 25 rows down and I’m not about to frog it or try to fix it. It’s not worth that kind of aggro.

APRES SURF: I LOVE THIS THING. It’s on hold (looking for my notes, which have disappeared, so I won’t have to knit another swatch and do all the modding math again), but that chart is a thing of ease and beauty. Nice neat rows of repetitiveness that are interesting enough to not be boring, but easy enough that you can do a row without losing your place. It’s works out to 8 stitches per repeat. That’s a worry-less kind of thing. I kind of want to start the sleeves because those won’t need much modding.

OTHER STUFF: I’d like to knit other stuff along with these, but I’m having enough trouble at this point. Maybe if they start evening themselves out, I will be able to pick up a third project to finish.


2 thoughts on “I’m starting to think it’s me

  1. As problems go, knitting problems are good problems to have. I have not made the Jaywalkers yet, but I wonder if it is the way you are doing the increases that is throwing you off. I just made the Fibertrends Felted Clogs, and in that pattern, if you don’t increase by knitting in between stitches, it throws your count off. This is because if you KFB a stitch to increase, you use up one stitch, whereas knitting in between does not.

    This got me, and I have been knitting for (mumble-mumble) years, so no, you never stop making mistakes and learning, but that’s good for our brains.

    • So are you saying, Knit front, knit the stitch you’re working on, then knit in the back? That would certainly make more sense about the count being off. I have chosen another sock instead, but I guess I will revisit this eventually.

      Thank you!

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