Knitgirllls hosting Stash Dash 2011

udontcallmeles and lala of the Knitgirllls video podcast are hosting a knitalong over the next few months (May 27 to August 15), putting their accumulated stash to use, with the goal of knitting 5,000 yards. Here’s a few more of the Stash Dash guidelines:

  • Crochet, weave, spin or knit from stash! Every yard of yarn used from 5/27 to 8/15 counts toward your goal of knitting through 5K of yarn (5,468 yards)
  • If you spin, you can count the yardage of the plied yarn towards the goal, and if you knit with that handspun, you get to count the yardage twice (because you took the time to create/spin it and to knit with it).
  • Pictures are necessary.

I think I will be companionably knitting along with them. I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of making 5000 yards by July, but I consider any knitting that doesn’t get frogged into oblivion as good. Even if I had to frog it more than 5 times to get there. I’m thinking 300 yards if I’m lucky.

I have been knitting on the socks, and I finished spinning a fingering (?) weight yarn from the juliespins merino. Doing my Renee’s-late-night-no-good math, I think all that hard work has come out to 210 yards of yarn. That pisses me off. As finely as I spun it in most sections, if there’s any justice in this world, it will be at least 350 yards once I soak and block it. Like I’ve said elsewhere, good thing it’s pretty. Pictures later.


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