Not a lot of knitting happening here

I get a few minutes here and there, but the days have been packed with school, work and family get-togethers.

I have two more rows before I can attempt the Holden shawlette edging again. I have been sneaking in a few rows here and there, working on them without counting to alleviate stress, and coming to the brink of frogging the whole thing into oblivion when it wasn’t moving along fast enough one tired Friday. My knitting group eased me into giving it a time out instead of setting it on fire. (Wool might be flame retardant, but that’s what lighter fluid is for.) Can hardly wait to be done with it.

I am redoing the heel for the sock; I am going to finish the rest of it according to a pattern I saw in a sock knitting book. The heel is interesting and the pattern I’m going to use for the top is beautiful. I am excited about what it will look like in that colorway when it’s done. Naturally, I wish I could come up with some fantastic pattern all on my own that people will be clamoring for, but I just don’t have the temperament or the necessary ideas to settle down to something like that right now.

Also, where do camera cords go to die? Are they really dead, or are they just out partying with their friends, the phone charger cord, almost dead batteries, and half-working, half-broken headphones?


One thought on “Not a lot of knitting happening here

  1. I’m on the same boat. Not only I’m not knitting, I don’t feel like knitting anything.
    As for the cords…I can’t help you. I’m pretty sure these tiny things grow legs when we’re not looking and go for walks ;)

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