Knitting and spinning update

There is nothing like having a wealth of patterns to choose from, free and paid. If you get bored or if what you’re doing isn’t working right, you can go to something else  you like better.

Working on the birthday pi shawl  (gone missing) made me want to knit even more lace, so I started the echo flower shawl in Cherry Tree Hill lace (Old Rose colorway).

The color repeats are too short for me to enjoy how it worked up, so I decided to save the Old Rose for a plainer pattern, maybe with the solid colored burgundy (the half of the birthday shawl yarn that was left from splitting up a giant hank of yarn) to break it up a little.

I plan to use my time this Saturday for a personal knitting/movie/podcast marathon. I think I am going to be switching between a few different projects and see how far I can get with them. It’ll be fun.

The list of current projects, active and inactive, includes musica mitts (which  I love!); Fred’s scarf, which is going to be River Rapids by Kieran Foley; the Luiza; and the bathroom set.


On the spinning front, I have about 5 braids and a pound of multicolor turquoise fiber to spin. I think I may actually have 400 yards are more once the turquoise is spun up. It’s going to be pretty; I plan to make a two-ply yarn with it.


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