Picked a pattern for the Red Heart yarn

I came across a pattern for the Red Heart Supersaver I received as a Christmas gift. It will be one of the few times I used a book for a pattern, versus going on ravelry and downloading a PDF.

I plan to use the Lady Eleanor stole from the book Scarf Style, first because it is a solid entrelac knit shawl for warmth, and second, since it’s a sold shawl, I don’t have to block it like I would for open lacework. Red Heart Supersaver doesn’t block well, I don’t think.

The redheart is the one in the top LEFT (thanks Kristen!) hand side of the pic:


2 thoughts on “Picked a pattern for the Red Heart yarn

  1. IMHO, the yarn appears to be at the top LEFT side of the box. Pretty color… It’d make a nice indestructible crochet bag like Melissa has on her project page!!

  2. Good looking out! LOL. Now you know why I’m so good at following verbal directions.

    While I love the look of granny square crochet, I loathe making them. Mine are always lopsided and then there’s the multicolor and dealing with all the ends when you change the colors, and and and…

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