Came across a challenge list

Around Oct. 2011, I wound up looking at a blog post about a “100 things challenge.” Though it’s along the lines of living a minimum lifestyle via “reduce, reuse, reprioritize, unplug from rampant consumerism,” I decided to use the idea to spur me on with my knitting and spinning projects, and organizing my stuff.

The listing process helped me narrow down what was most important to me right then and helped me prioritize my to do list. There was so much going on with me mentally and emotionally then I could barely make a decision about important things. I was all over the place, and what got done was whatever I needed to do in the next 10 minutes. Anything bigger than that got kicked to the curb. Anything beyond “this week” just didn’t get done if it didn’t have an emergency feel to it. There were a lot of “I don’t care” hours in there too.

When you have that kind of heavy duty agitation going on, it doesn’t feel like much else gets accomplished. Something about it reminded me of those scenes in Harry Potter where Dumbledore used the pensieve to relieve his crowded thoughts.

When it came to the list making, it boiled it down from “I want to do all 8 of these NOW” to “these are the top 3, and I’ll work on this one first.” It kept me from constantly spinning my wheels.

I am very happy to say, I couldn’t come up with 100 things I wanted to do. That made me feel like I was doing better at accomplishing what I wanted than I originally thought. I only had about 40 “must do’s” on my list, and half of them were knitting/fiber related.

Nine of the entire 40 have been accomplished, only one of which was knitting – the musica mitts. Most of the nine were about putting like possessions together, fixing broken things that were irritating me, organizing, or getting rid of items.

The fiber related parts I still want to get done are:

  • Knit Pride & Prejudice (what project can I finish in those 6 hours?)
  • Knit The Mummy series (6 hours)
  • Knit Dr. Horrible (1 hour)
  • Ply the 2 skinny yarns onto themselves.
  • Knit the comfort socks.
  • Start my sweater.
  • Work on crochet.
  • Knit the Henry VIII sweater (Alice Starmore).
  • Knit other series (can’t remember which one this was).
  • Knit Horatio Hornblower.
  • Knit through 4 Harry Potter DVDs. (12 hours)
  • Reclaim the needles/stitch markers (markers done, needles not so much)
  • Spin 6 batts.
  • Ply XS merino seacell.
  • Assign projects to yarn.
  • Untangle silky sock yarn from Melissa.
  • Measure yardage of misc. fingering so I’ll know how much I have.
  • Knit Stash and Burn.
  • Make a knit bag from corduroy fabric.

The one thing I really like about the whole “knit this show” list is that it’s not project specific. It’s dedicated time I can use to finish a thing or just get a little further along on any project. Usually when I sit down to watch a movie that’s all I’m doing, so no major interruptions.

These aren’t in any specific order, it’s just for what appeals the most right this second.

Start my sweater: The Juliet sweater has been in my list for years. I have everything I need to make it already. It’s been on the back burner for such a long time.

Henry VIII sweater: I’m glad I revisited this list, because there was some question about which sweater I wanted to work on first from Tudor Roses, so, Henry VIII it is. I had done a lot of thinking to get it to that point on the list. I’m going to do it in two colors at first, and maybe work up to full fledged (all the colors) fair isle further down the road. My dream for this is to save up enough money to make it from the Virtual Yarns kit, without anything else going wanting.

Plying the merino seacell: I bought two matching sparkly batts from Extreme Spinning to make into a tank top, but my spinning was so uneven I am going to ply the two together to make a fuller yarn. Just never got around to the plying part. After they’re plied I will be making a hat or a cowl from it. I am hoping for a burgundy/black marled (?) yarn.

That’s 19 items in that project list. I am going to have a good time doing those, with plenty of nice things to show for it.

Make it 50: There’s some other things I want to accomplish knittingwise as well. More about that next time.


2 thoughts on “Came across a challenge list

  1. LOL – It’s a way to make a start in knitting up the stash or finishing UFOs. If I want to keep going after that I’ll knit through the other 3.

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