Came across a challenge list, part 2

Some other things I want to do with my stash are

  • Use the handspun I made to make a blanket or throw, mixing them with white, black and taupe yarns to make the colors work together.
  • Hold another spinning everyday challenge for a few months. It’s a relaxing, calming sort of thing, plus I tend to like the yarn I get at the end, even if it’s never as long as I think it should be.
  • Go through the yarn and fiber stash separately to see if some items are complementary and can be combined for a larger project.
  • Make up a sweater or other large item without a pattern.
  • knit one of those random patterns that tell you to “work with this yarn for however many stitches. Add beads every other stitch for one row. Change yarn size and color, stitch type, etc.
  • Write and publish a pattern, from beginning to end.
  • Take a shawl or doily pattern and morph it into a garment like this lady did:

The rest of the fiber challenge list from the previous post. I hope I’ll get to do some TV knitting this weekend.

  • Knit Pride & Prejudice (what project can I finish in those 6 hours?)
  • Knit The Mummy series (6 hours)
  • Knit Dr. Horrible (1 hour)
  • Ply the 2 skinny yarns onto themselves.
  • Knit the comfort socks.
  • Start my sweater.
  • Work on crochet.
  • Knit the Henry VIII sweater (Alice Starmore).
  • Knit other series (can’t remember which one this was).
  • Knit Horatio Hornblower.
  • Knit through 4 Harry Potter DVDs. (12 hours)
  • Reclaim the needles/stitch markers (markers done, needles not so much)
  • Spin 6 batts.
  • Ply XS merino seacell.
  • Assign projects to yarn.
  • Untangle silky sock yarn from Melissa.
  • Measure yardage of misc. fingering so I’ll know how much I have.
  • Knit Stash and Burn.
  • Make a knit bag from corduroy fabric.

I have lost some focus over the past couple of weeks. Hence, a current to do list.

Fred’s Scarf – frog to remove horizontal stripes….maybe change colors. Use 4 skeins of burgundy cotton maybe?

Iris shawl

Finish Luiza. Jenn keeps trying to make me throw beads on it. If I did, they’d be navy blue with a gold core. I don’t want anything flashy on this first one, which is rare for me! I like gold flashy everything, with few exceptions.

Mom’s socks. Frog down, switch to a size 6 needle to fix the bad increase sections.

Spatterdashes. Saw snarkyllama’s in Socks That Rock yarn today. Gorgeous yarn for such a cute, cute pattern!

Hurricane hat 2.

Jenn’s dish towel.

Yarn everyday (spinning).


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