What I want to do today

– Work on the hurricane hat

– and start day one of spinning everyday.

Since I am up ridiculously early today (7 a.m. – thought I’d be asleep until at least 10 a.m.), it shouldn’t be that hard.

I had to take the hurricane hat back down to the ribbing at lunch Friday. The purl increases in the pattern form a neat spiral when done correctly. My previous version had purls all over the place, in no spiral whatsoever! lol. I’m using a finer yarn, which called for more increases to make sure it was big enough, and so my spirals were all over the place.

I’m sorely tempted to make it plain ribbing all the way to the top, lol, but the spirals add a dash of awesome to it. See?

That was my first hurricane hat. Blocking it over the vase jacked up the ribbing some. I’m going to block this next one over an inflated balloon, like my friend Melissa did. Her hats blocked great that way!

Back to the spinning part.

The idea of starting with a fresh braid appeals to me, since I have been working on this bag of fiber for a while. It’s probably 2 or 3 pounds worth of a merino/mohair blend. It’s beautiful, but I don’t have quite as much control over it as I’d like. The goal was to spin it finely and make a 2 ply yarn for a sweater, but I have had a hard time with the draft and separating the colors.

If I try to separate the colors into all turquoise or all black, a miniscule amount of the unwanted color will splinter into what I’m working with, no matter which color I’m on. So the plans to make big blocks of turquoise with thin black or white stripes isn’t working out. All the colors get mixed throughout.

I asked some friends who had been spinning longer than me what they thought the problem was. Judy said it may have felted a little bit, so I would have to draft it more than I would a regular braid. I don’t know if I have enough patience to do the whole bundle that way, so I am going to try spreading the work between other braids in my stash to keep the annoyance to a minimum.

I am kind of tempted to start with this birthday present from Cheryl though (editing the paragraph above is solidifying this decision):

This is where I justify the decision to start with this to myself by saying, if the spin everyday challenge is all about what I want to spin that day, maybe I will spin more at a time. Also, I could switch to the giant project after a while. It’s the biggest amount of fiber I’ve had to spin at one time.

Tomorrow I will count up how many braids of fiber I have to see how far I have to go. I don’t necessarily want to spin all of it up in a year-long challenge. I just want to get down to say, 3-5 unspun braids total. I did really well the first time I joined a Yarn Everyday challenge, getting down to about 7 things left to spin. Even though the yardage wasn’t huge, the end results were pretty, and some were given as presents to awesome people.

I also want to pick out a few braids to possibly use for Ravelympics, which starts in June, and a yarn and project in case I decide to knit instead. (My default for this right now is one of the two sweaters, either the Juliet or the Henry VIII.) This is reminding me that the person who pointed me to the spatterdash pattern was talking about a KAL for June…better go see what project that was. A lace shawl if I remember correctly.


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