No hat, no spinning, just socks

Plans for yesterday fell through. Worked on the spatterdash mitts, had to frog them, twice, because the way I did the increases made holes. Then I saw where I’d split the yarn as I was knitting and it didn’t quite work out. When I restarted them, the section was much wider than necessary. Frogged it again. Now it’s on hold while I decide if I want to switch yarns.

Went to the yarn store and picked out half the yarn for the Henry VIII sweater. The other 1/2 is on order. Instead of solids, went with a long repeat yarn from Jojoland. It’s a medium to bright blue mix of color, to be combined with a skein of Cascade in white, beige  and tan. I am hoping I will get the same effect as I would in solid color fair isle, since there’s variation going on in both skeins. I wish I was swatching for it right now.

Didn’t spin yesterday. Todays’ the charm I ‘m hoping.

On the to do list I did knit/frog through Harry Potter 1. Picked my mom’s socks back up so I could finish them off sometime this week. Had to frog several inches and fix some increases. I just got the one back to the point where it was the same height as the other, and  hopefully I will be able to knit everything I frogged today and then some. Will be watching Harry Potter too while working through it. I also plan to start the spin everyday challenge with a grab bag fiber I bought from Silver Sun alpacas. It’s a small enough size that it should take a day and a half for me to spin it and finish it.


2 thoughts on “No hat, no spinning, just socks

  1. Everytime I see that kauni red sleeve, I want to go lock myself in a room somewhere and make a shawl with the pattern! That’s what it reminds me of.

    I’m going to post the yarns together as soon as I get both in hand. The yarn store owner and employee had to help me pick stuff out. I have no visualization skills when it comes to substitution, so I have no idea what they will be like until I do a swatch.

    Spent hours yesterday reading about other people’s Henry VIII. I wish there was more in depth detail…I love that sweater.

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