Guess I was kidding

I haven’t started the spin everyday thing yet…been a week. Maybe I need to move the wheel back into the walkway where I can trip all over it, and put one of my favorite fibers on top of it too. lol

I have knitted a couple of inches back up on my mom’s socks… a little ways to go before I have reknit the parts I have frogged, and then I’m going to add about four more inches to it to make sure it’s long enough, adding 4 stitches to each sock every couple of inches or so. They do look better since I redid the increase parts.

These are the socks right now. The orange stitchmarker is where I started knitting yesterday morning before work.

This is another project I’m working on, the Spatterdash mitts from the Knitty website. I’m using the handdyed yarn I got from another Raveler…traded for some green Juliespins sock yarn. I love all the colors.

These are going to be some cute mitts. This is like the 3rd or 4th retry. There will be no more of those! lol

Everybody in the group who is making the pattern is excited about how they’re going. I think I will take a picture of them all and post them in here.

Right now I am making the small size on US size 2’s. I started out making the medium size on size 3s, which gave a loose fabric I didn’t like. Then I went down to a medium on size 2’s, which Melissa said was going to be too big in the yarn I’m using and made me try hers on. Damn. So much for going by the instructions. I frogged again and started the smaller on size 2’s and that’s the last time I’m starting this one over.

I swear, some day I will be able to use size 3’s on skinny sock yarn and it will come out perfect, exactly how I planned it!

Melissa thinks I’m crazy, because I try that with every pattern calling for a size 2. Excuse me if I have a mental block about it, a throwback to the days when I first started knitting and swore I’d never knit on any needle smaller than a size 5. The socks I was making when I said that, I had to go down to a 003 or 0003 just to get gauge. I think I was traumatized or something. Then I started doing lacework using skinny yarn on bigger needles. But I still balk about smaller diameter sock weight yarn on small needles.

To do list later:

Post a list of Henry VIII knitting reference points I went to for the sweater, post my notes and pics of one of the  yarns I’m using.

Figure out why I’m looking at mine as a red-headed stepchild for using 2 yarns, when I love the one somebody on rav did using 2 colors.


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