On to the edging for the Luiza


I tried hard to stay up last night and finish the edging on the Luiza. I forced myself to into repeat number 2 of the first row, and even then I was struggling to stay awake. I am so looking forward to this. I am trying to finish my major chores so that when I sit down to knit it, I can do it all at once with no interruptions, except for lunch and dinner.

I hope I have made enough fleur de lis sections that it will go smoothly and I don’t have to redo it. I put a lifeline in row 38, just in case. Some patterns have edging based on multiples of four – most socks for instance. Learned that by experience. Like in K2P2 ribbing, if you increase just 2 stitches, you will mess up the k2p2. It will become k2p2-p2-k2p2. So you increase 4 – K2p2-k2-p2-k2p2. If it was k1p1 ribbing, adding just 2 stitches wouldn’t be a problem.

If Luiza is based on multiples of four, I will have to frog back to 38 and add 2 more fleur de lis sections, 16 per side.

regular pattern:

10 fleur de lis 7-in-3 sections, 11 full leaves from top center to top edge, 9 full leaves down the center before the edging

my larger size:

14 fleur de lis 7-in-3 sections, 13 full leaves down the middle, almost 14 leaves from the top center to the outside edge.

I was going to make it so large it almost reached my knees, but I changed my mind because I don’t want it to be cumbersome when I’m actually wearing it, like the Celtic stole. It was great, but before I accidentally felted it, it hung down to mid calf after I’d wrapped it around my shoulders. I hadn’t quite got the hang of how to wrap it so it looked all cool and stuff, even to me. I was so proud I finished that thing. Still am. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

I spent about half an hour at the spinning meeting yesterday. Just long enough to get me going, but not enough to whet the appetite for more. I plan to do some of that today also, even if it’s just 15 minutes or so. If there’s time, I will put the stitches for the second mitt back on the needles, knit a few rows of that, and maybe knit Mom’s socks.


It’s a little large, but I don’t care. It’s so freaking warm, too. I love the end result. I am hoping to find some neat gold buttons to close part of it up. I will sew down the rest.


This is a note to myself that I am no longer buying knitpicks fixed or interchangeable circular needles unless they actually fix them. I may buy some of the larger size DPNs, like size 4 and up, but that’s it. (I have the 0-3 sock set.)

I was three rows away from starting the Luiza edging, which is at least 200 stitches across, and one of the ends of the purple cable came out of the screw on attachment. The needle tip part was fine. The part it screws into, not so much. About 15 stitches came off.

Borrowed a circ from my roommate to pick them up with, started transferring stitches to it, got even madder, and put the project down. A few days later, picked it back up to finish the transferring of the stitches, and dang if the other end of the purple cable didn’t come out of the screw on attachment. Yay. Lost some more stitches. Picked them all up. Consider myself done with the KP circs. If they haven’t fixed them in all these years, they probably never will.

This happened to me once with some of their fixed circular needles I was using to make a pair of socks, and it was just as frustrating then as it is now. I don’t care about them replacing them free of charge…I just don’t want the breaking part to happen at all, ever. Not to me, not to anyone.


I love my friends, but they’re not right.

I keep asking them for a cable needle when I really mean circular, and they have the nerve to actually hand me a cable needle. And then I look at them quizzically like, “Okay, what are you handing me that for? Do you need me to help you knit cables or something?”

The really funny part is that this has happened to me more than once. So they should know by now that I mean CIRCULAR when I say CABLE. One time, I actually asked Kristen for a circular needle using the actual word CIRCULAR, and she deliberately handed me cable needle and cracked up laughing. That was just mean! lol


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