Trying Stash Dash 2012

I have been looking at my stash today and decided I will participate in Stash Dash 2012 for real. No weak attempt with no planning like last year.

I am nowhere near as hardcore on this as LaLa is….she is planning to spin or otherwise use up a total of 6 pounds of fiber. I don’t know what the goals I’ve set so far measure up to; I am figuring that out today.

The goal list so far:

1. Finish spinning blue and burgundy Butterfly batts from Silver Sun Alpacas. (after doing some math, figure these are 4 oz. each)
3. Finish spinning the 2 oz. camo batt from the same 1 lb. grab bag and ply it with something else (2 oz)
4. Pick a cowl for the Phantom of the Opera handspun and knit it.
5. Finish the next repeat and the edging on the Luiza shawl (start with a fresh ball of yarn for measuring purposes).
6. Knit a Gail or start the Forest Path stole in Vino/cranberry.
7. Knit a shawlette for a friend in Cascade 220 sport. (2x50g =100 grams)
8. A felted nightstand mat with pockets. A runner?(50g per ball Wool of the Andes yarn)

So far, things total up to 24 oz. of fiber, 1.5 lbs.

The knitting part:

The spinning part:

A mini-goal for the week is to reknit some toes for the Juliespins brown knee highs I knitted a while back. The original color of the socks is to the far left. That’s all the yarn I have left in that color, so I’m going to mix it with black.

The socks were so comfortable to wear that I am not about to just pitch them. I’m going to make me some more eventually, one in some glitzy navy blue-based yarn Cheryl bought for me at a fiber festival, and one from some brown Sanguine Gryphon I won from the Knitgirllls.


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