No spring chicken

Soooo, I got my roommate to help me make a dress dummy last night using the instructions from the Custom Knits book by Wendy Bernard. It’s almost complete. I have to get stuffing for the insides, cut out a slat to be taped underneath it to keep the stuffing in, and close up the neck and armholes.

Being under all that duct tape was a little hot and a lot sweaty. And very few blog posts warned about the duct tape fumes.

That said, it looked pretty cool when she was done taping. She did a good job.

If you ever do this, you can save a lot of time by cutting up a whole roll of duct tape and sticking one edge of each strip to a table or something until you’re ready to use it. Kristen said if we’d done that, she could have finished it in 15 minutes or so.

I think it may have taken an hour and a half to cut strips as we went, in both long and short pieces.  If you have room, just do a whole roll. Maybe put a broom handle across a couple of chairs and stick the tape to that until you need it.

We used to a full roll of duct tape size 1.88 x 45′, plus a little more of a second roll. I’m about a size US 16.

According to the dress dummy, I have gone from the long torso, lean, lanky days of my youth to a chunky, well-endowed, short-waisted person. I’m not bitter, but the book was definitely right about “you may not be the shape you think you are.” I am definitely not. lol. Mini Me is hanging up in my closet now, waiting for the stuffing.

I had Kristen mark my waist in the front…couldn’t figure out how to mark the back because I couldn’t feel where the waistband of my pants ended underneath the tape. I think I am going to find the previous measurement from my back neck to the waist and use it as a guideline.

Stash Dash Update

Finished the Luiza shawl, which looks awesome, but, I have to say, was kind of badly blocked. Apparently I don’t know what the center of shawl is, and pinned the flare one leaf to the left. Duh. I think I am going to dampen the center line and repin it and the flare at the bottom out flat. I would steam iron them, but I don’t have the nerve.

I cannot get a decent picture of the whole thing. I finally had to hold it up while Kristen took this picture:

See that fold down the center line? I am never blocking like that again unless there’s supposed to be a fold in there.

Here’s some blocking-in-progress pics:

And here’s a before blocking pic:

I know it’s big, but it couldn’t be giant enough for me. lol. I like being able to see details, and you just can’t from this picture.

Size: Going to 14 fleur de lis per side made for a nice size. The tips hang down past my waist at the front, and I wouldn’t be worried about it riding up when I sit down.

It was 48 inches across and 24 inches down the center unblocked, and measures about 74 inches across and about 37 inches down now.

I’m really glad I stuck it out and finished the shawl. I might do it again someday in a nicer yarn, like a shiny merino/silk or a bamboo. I used Knit Picks Palette, a fingering weight wool. I thought the color was gorgeous, but between the yarn and my not-so-care of this project, I had fuzzy looking areas all over the place. I pulled most of them off as I went.

Hopefully I will remember to remove the lifelines before I block something the next time. Removing them while the shawl was wet ripped out little bits of fiber.

Fake Isle dish towel

I picked this back up about Wednesday or so and knitted the 1×1 and diamond check sections. I was going to try to use the entire balls of yarn, but I don’t have the patience/thought I’d be done by now.  I think even when I finish this, I’ll have enough to make another dishrag. Maybe I’ll use the diamonds for that.

The knitting is going much easier since I 86’ed the 1×1 blue/yellow/blue/yellow check sections. I’m over that! lol. I still feel like I should have done a double stripe like at the bottom, but I was all wanting to get to the blue part and give it a little love.

I may add a couple more diamond rows and decrease to a icord loop or something. I also plan to add a row or two of single crochet stitches to the sides to straighten them out a little and hide where I carried strands up the edge.

Apparently from these close ups, my stranding was more than a little jacked up Thursday and Friday. Hope that all blocks out.


2 thoughts on “No spring chicken

    • Oh, I’m not going to wear it. I’m gifting it to a person who a) wears navy blue and b) has no cat allergies. lol

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