My list of projects

I’ve finished the Luiza shawl. I think I will fix some of the blocking mistakes today. Going to try it with a steam iron held above it to see if that will relax the fold.

Since I finished that, I have been working on the fake isle dish towel to match the dish rag I made for Jenn. It is going pretty well. If I get enough time I may finish that today since I had the July 4th holiday off. Whatever I wind up doing today, I’m going to enjoy the crap out of it! It feels like a long time since I took a week or so off.

Anyway, I have been trying to figure out what to tackle next. On the Ravelry list I have the following “current” projects:

01. Fake isle dish towel

02. Shawl for Melissa’s mom

03. Bathroom set

04. Fred’s scarf

05. Stash Dash 2012 projects (see below)

In hibernation are:

06. Marcasite Mehndi Wrap

07. Forest Path Stole

08. Juliet Pullover

09. Yuletide Gnome Kit

10. Spring Cloud cowl – will make this out of sparkly black novelty yarn and Black Cascade 220, and hope for the best! lol

Stash Dash list

Goal: spin or knit more than 731 grams of fiber

DONE : (152g, may be a little off…I think I used more yarn on the Luiza)
Checkpoint 1: 62g – blue silver sun alpacas spun

Checkpoint 2:90g – Finish the edging on the Luiza shawl.

21% of goal

REMAINING: (352g left)
1. Finish spinning burgundy batt from Silver Sun Alpacas. (53g)
2. Gave away the 2 oz. camo batt (Thank God!!! Hated the way that was turning out.) Will finish the Fake Isle dish towel and an additional dish rag from the leftovers. (60g, 2.2 oz.)
3. Pick a cowl Make a hat from the Phantom of the Opera handspun. (89g)
4. Knit a Gail or start the Forest Path stole in Vino/cranberry.
5. Knit a shawlette for a friend in Cascade 220 sport. (2x50g =100g)
6. A felted nightstand mat with pockets. (A runner? 50g per ball Wool of the Andes yarn)

With revisions, the total grams goes up to 856. It’s weird, I am starting to measure a lot of the stuff in my stash that could be applied here, and wanting to weigh  OMG ALL OF THE THINGS. I have even taken out my handspun and weighed it to see if I could make some afghan squares or something to add to them.

Not listed anywhere in there is the Henry VIII sweater. I can’t believe that oversight, but I think I was trying to wait until it was actually an active project. I’m adding that swatch to the “to start” list today. I also plan to stuff and finish the MiniMe, watch a movie while I work on my Stash Dash 2o12 project spinning, and read more of a book.

(note: get a Hanes tee or use one of the other ones I don’t wear to cover the MiniMe. The duct tape looks cool, but kinda reminds me of the  50’s and 60’s movies of aliens made out of tin foil. lol)

When all is said and done, that’s about 15 things to do. That should keep me going for a while.


I found Books 1-4 of the Book of Lost Swords Series by Fred Saberhagen at a book store. I am so glad! I read one or two of these as a kid (out of order, of course) and was hoping to come across them again one day.


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