I’ve been working on the stash dash stuff. Finished the initial spinning of the burgundy batt single, and I am probably going to start navajo-plying it this evening. I am not even going to pretend that I will get anywhere approaching 200 yards. (I’ve fooled myself on that more than once.) I will be pleasantly surprised if it totals 100.

I kind of feel at a loss for what to do next, even with a list. I know I said I’d start a sample for the sweater, but I feel nowhere near ready to pick that up. Maybe this weekend. I think I am going to sort my spinning stash this evening and get it a little more organized, and go from there.

I am missing one of the spinning braids I was planning to trade or sell. I don’t have the faintest idea where I stuck it. If it resurfaces I will evaluate it further. It has yak fiber blended into it, and while it’s very popular on Juliespins, I am so used to merino being KING that I am still trying to decide whether I like it or not. For the record, it sucks to still have the picture on ravelry and not have it exactly where it’s “supposed to be.”

I signed up for a lace class and sweater class on Craftsy. I started trying to design a top down shawl. Hit a wall somewhere as I was working on the swatch, which is way too bulky for the size yarn I’m using. I really would like to make up my own, but might have to resort to a pattern in the queue to check it off my list. Some days, the biggest problem I have is making up my mind.

I am thinking next week is going to be rough. My boss is leaving, we’re already minus one employee, and I’m going to be “in charge” (insert giant laugh here). HA. HA, I say. They’re crazy wanting me to run things. Some days I think there are not enough meds/booze/name your poison.

If I’m not completely exhausted, I’m going to work on my spinning fiber. Spinning won’t have me married to a chart or instructions, and I can watch movies and tv series to destress.

I know at one point my goal was to spin all the fiber I had in my stash before buying more. I think I got down from 12 total to 6 items left before I was purchasing fiber again. I don’t think I will finish it all by the end of this year, but it’s something to work toward. Now I have 5 complete batts/braids left to spin, and 3 or 4 partials left from the old list.

A year ago, I was stressing out trying to finish the Holden shawlette. Two years ago, around this time I was knitting myself some toeups from Juliespins sock yarn. In 2009, I was trying to dye yarn burgundy and failing with a tired pink every time I attempted it. No way does it feel like three years since then.

I had been thinking of buying blanks only and dyeing my own yarn and fiber to cut the amount of money I was spending on yarn. I was “this close” to actually doing it, but I eventually figured that if I couldn’t dye it in the exact color I was trying to get, that would be a waste of money and even more giant waste of time.

It is so much simpler to just buy what I want and know I love already. And way less aggravating! And I don’t have to clean up afterward. When I think about dyeing now, it is long enough to remind myself to set aside some weekend to figure out the book instructions for making a 10% dye bath. I will revisit it eventually, I guess.


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