Mini-Me Lola (MML)

Yes, she’s Lola, and yes, she is a showgirl. That showgirl. She was seriously pissed when Barry wrote that song about her (mainly because he didn’t share the wealth, I’m thinking), and the next time she borrows my shirt without asking I’m going to sing it at the top of my lungs.

I made MML go buy her own stupid shirt.

MML is close enough to my size that I don’t think I’ll mess with it too much more.

I finished spinning the burgundy yarn, soaked it, and it is still rough. I overspun it, which made it hard to begin with, I guess, and then navajo plied it, which made it even rougher. I plan to soak it with some conditioner once I untangle it and see if that helps.



Here is another photo of the finished Luiza shawl on one of my coworkers who is about my height. I don’t think the photos do the deep blue color justice, but whatever.

Amy loved it! She used it shortly afterward as cover when she took a nap. I am so glad she liked it!

I started the purple shawl. I cast on a bunch of stitches, something like 133, and am garter stitching the top edge, putting in a bead about every 10 or 12 stitches. It doesn’t look balanced across the strip like I thought it would, but I am going to keep decreasing down to a point and hoping for the best. I also think I need to go up a size. I am tempted to do the rest as a yo/k/yo across, knit one row, yo/k/yo, with decreases added to take it in. EIther that or use the crocus bud crochet pattern all the way to the end.

Went to knit night at the yarn store. I didn’t knit much, but I enjoyed it, as usual.


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