Fair isle knitting notes

In two-handed knitting, use your right hand for the background/main color, and your left hand for the color you want to stand out the most. The left hand loops will be more prominent in the finished project, and they will be a little bigger than the right hand ones. (from http://knittingincolor.blogspot.comhttp://knittingincolor.blogspot.com/2003/11/two-color-knitting-most-people-using.html).

I’m practicing on the swirly gig earflap hat and going to switch back to the Henry VIII sweater once I’m clear on what my hands are going to be doing. Badly knitted a few rows on it already. I want to finish at least the swatch today.

I have been spinning on a borrowed wheel while my friend Judy’s husband fixes the foot of my Babe spinning wheel. I was rushing and forced it into the trunk and heard a kind of loud snapping sound. A few days later I glued it and duct taped it, which didn’t work because the piece is hollow and the pressure it gets when my foot comes down makes it collapse. So from now on I baby it when it has to go in there.

I tried to use it as a single treadle for a while, but apparently I can’t stand using a double treadle wheel as a single treadle, even for a little while. Sad but true. I knew I could be picky about stupid stuff, but that is ridiculous. It’s me, and even I think it’s ridiculous.

If he can’t fix it, too bad for it. I’ll just have to buy it a second time. I had almost decided to buy a wooden wheel in case I couldn’t get the Babe fixed, but I really miss my Babe Production Pedal Pusher. It’s about $275, and I like that it has the heavy duty pedals versus the wooden ones on the other Babe wheels. Also, a Babe dealer on Ravelry offers discounts if I buy it through her, so I may be able to get a woolee winder, since I still have the other pedal pusher supplies.

I may get a second wooden wheel someday for at-home spinning. I love the looks of some of them, but if I go that route, I still don’t want to pay $1,000 for one. If it was a necessity, that’d be one thing, but this is a pastime that I might put down eventually.

I am still interested in a Shacht Ladybug wheel (about $550). Paradise Fibers has created their own spinning wheel, which I really like the descriptions of, but it’s a little over $1,000 too, so it’s off the list. Even though they are way, way, way out of my price range, they are so freaking beautiful, I feel the need to share these Golding spinning wheels. They look nothing like any other wheels I’ve ever seen.

I think the borrowed wheel is an Ashford traditional, and it is wonderful to work with. It took a little time to figure out how to adjust to it from what I’m used to, but a day or so later I was spinning like butter. Yesterday I finished the second half of the braid Cheryl gave me for my birthday last year, and I plan to finish plying it today, if possible. Almost every time I checked the ply I was spinning with the spin control card I was spot on for light fingering to heavy laceweight. I was aiming for a 32 width on the card, which, when two-plied, becomes a size 16. (Size 3 in the yarn ball scale printed on labels nowadays.)

I am also trying to spin it so it will barber pole when two-plied. I think the colors are close enough together and muted enough that they won’t clash, like more primary colored yarns tend to do. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished yarn.

I am in my usual weird place when it comes to projects. Nothing I have on the needles really is what I want to knit right now. lol. I am trying so hard not to cast on anything else, but very little appeals to me. I finished the majority of the dishtowel I was making for jenn. I started a band of crochet on the edges to make them more regular, but it is turning out very wavy and lopsided.

I may need to do 3 or 4 rows, with filler stitches to even it out some more. I will do it in crochet to avoid picking up stitches for an icord bindoff. I wouldn’t have minded if the stitches were live already, but I am balking at picking up stitches for that, even a little at a time. Spazztastic, huh?


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