Finished Swirly Gig hat, dishtowel

I am very happy with how the hat came out. It is a little long with the ribbing, but the ribbing is also long enough to be a flipped up edge. I hope it’s not too hot for whoever it winds up with.

I am not going to be blocking it very hard because I think it’s big enough as it is.

Doing all the scrollwork was fun. I had checked out the 2-color swirly gigs on ravelry beforehand, but I still had no idea how these two colors would ook together. The blue is actually a darker, navy blue. I am glad the pattern shows up so clearly on it.

After I finished the heart at the top of the pattern, I decided to hold both yarns together to finish it off. That way you don’t have a thin place at the top of the hat, after all that double stranded knitting. Should be a nice warm hat. Looking forward to making this pattern again for myself, with the earflaps.

I used up almost all but 2 or 3 yards of the blue, and the gray is going back in the stash. I may use them for part of a stranded colorwork pattern from knitpicks.

I decided I’d try to make a knot from the cotton dishcloth yarn, to save myself another trip to the freaking store. I would feel stupid going in there to find one big navy blue or yellow button just to finish this thing.

It seems like it will work out okay. If it doesn’t, I’ll make a point of going to the store for a button for it and the spatterdash mitts.

I’m not even going to talk about the wavy ass edging. Except to say that my knitting was so warped on this project I couldn’t even pin it out properly for blocking. After 15 or 20 minutes of struggling to get it pinned out evenly, I gave up. Good thing it still manages to be pretty.

If I ever doubleknit cotton again, no way am I using dishcloth size yarn, and I will be working on it in the round and steeking it. Multicolor purling is not my favorite. The back does look interesting though. I was too lazy to go to a store (AGAIN) to find something to back this with.

Regardless of the issues I had Jenn loves it and she was ready to start using the dishcloth before I was a third of the way done with the towel. I’m glad too…nothing worse than making something for somebody and having them hate it with a passion!

I hate to say it out loud, but I’m not sure the edges of the matching dishcloth is going to hold up. It’s cute, but wonky looking. I may borrow it back to put a crochet edging on it, like on the towel. There’s a lot of yellow and a little bit of blue left.

So that is sufficient fair isle and fake isle (there’s no purling in actual fair isle knitting) that I think I can handle the Henry VIII swatching and sweater knitting.


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