Melissa recommended blocking  hats on a balloon….sounds crazy but itlooks way better than it would have if I’d tried to block it in a circle using pins. My decreases at the top made for weird bulgy sections that seemed to even themselves out. I hate the thought of my own head being that big. It kinda is though.
I did another few rounds on the gail. Still plenty of yarn left. Probably enough for three more repeats. And then today I frogged almost as much as I had knit on it the past couple of days. My count was off, went back to fix it, and the yarn magically started frogging itself without any help from me. So I went farther than I planned. Then a little farther, because I wasn’t sure if I’d been frogging actual yarnovers or that was just a gap due to patterning.  Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of stitches. I almost kept going too. But if I frog it completely this yarn will never be knitted. I would toss it before I’d go that far back.
Regardless, I am almost at 75% complete on the stashdown knitting. That’s nice to think about.

I have cut into the ruffles on the felted mat. Plant to stick it back int he washing machine and see if that gets it to not be so ruffly around the edges.  Maybe tomorrow.


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