Ancient history

Looking for some piece of paper somewhere (as usual), I came across a knitting project list I’d used to narrow down my priorities at the time. Here’s a list of the things  (with Rav links) I was previously in love with:

Creatures of the Reef Shawl by Fiddlesticks Knitting: Still holds up. I think it’s the starfish, seahorses, and me living in Florida. Still willing to pay $12.

Canterbury Bells by Laura Patterson: Not so much any more. But I love her In the Woods pattern about 3 or 5 times more. Just not ready to knit it yet. It looks complicated, but when you break it down, it’s just sections of repeats. I love the feathered leaves. Worth the $8.50 for sure.

Magic Carpet Ride (small), and  Morrocan Days/Nights shawls by Susan Pandorf: YES!!! Magic Carpet is the smaller version. Bought it to get my feet wet, haven’t knitted it yet. Morrocan in Arabian Nights is still a dream (Yes, that purple exactly! Day version, also gorgeous). I really should have bought the kit during that knitalong. Or something. Still on the to do list.

I don’t think I’d have the nerves of steel needed to find coordinating colorways for this, my absolute favorite version. I keep looking at it going, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?” It’s not the same when you don’t come up with the idea yourself.

I tried coordinating colors online once for another project and it was a nightmare. The only way it works is if you’re already familiar with all the colorways in person, or have a side-by-side comparison pic. Or it’s all one yarn, in many colorways. That’s like work, right there.

South Seas Stole, another Laura Patterson fave. Still holds up too. Don’t own it. lol

Oh, yeah, added In the Woods to the list already.

Something Red sweater by Wendy Bernard. It looks so easy, right?  It had been on the list for years already. Bought it, never knit it. I worry that the waist will hit me in the wrong place, so I already know I’m going to try to mod it, and I already know jack about modding and having things turn out well. That said, still on the list, with long sleeves. Maybe I can just knit it in the round and steek it. Wouldn’t be the same, but whatever.

Audrey Coat by Cheryl Nelson. A girl can dream, can’t she? Bought the pattern. Working on the dream part. Curious about where I’m going to get that much yarn in a color I absolutely love and would be willing to wear. Would be knitting in wool instead of cotton.

Apparently that same day I was having a Susan Pandorf moment, where I went to her blog and wrote down all the patterns (about 16)  that interested me. None of the Lord of the Rings stuff was on her blog back then.

Of the 8 or so Pandorf patterns actually in my library, I’ve started one, which was frogged and will be resurrected sometime in 2014, probably. It depends on how 2013 goes. The easiest of them seems to be the Stonehenge neckwarmer, with the hardest looking one being Galadriel’s Mirror.

The day I made this list, there were 90 projects in my to do list. Now, there’s hundreds.

I am on what will be the last repeat of the Gail shawl, which I will be giving to my Aunt Nell, since she saw me working on it and asked if she could have it. Hell yeah! It will be a relief not having to look at that yarn in my stash again. I don’t care about seeing someone else wear it – I am just still aggravated that I lost the first half of the yarn just when I was getting going on a project.

Here’s a nice wavy picture of how the felted nightstand mat turned out. I am still laughing. I may be repeating myself here, but I have a plan to cut the ruffles, felt it again and see if it gets any flatter. I doubt it, because the felting is already extremely firm. I think it has done all the drawing up it’s going to do.


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