Tops for the musica mitts

Making tops for the mitts and I keep thinking how fast this would go if my fingers were shorter. Of course, if they were, I’d complain about that too.

Started making the Henry the VIII sweater after my friend Melissa “harassed” me into starting one. It’s a good thing she did. The longer I waited the more chicken I got.

I had also started the gauge swatch a couple of times and just could not get into it. I just casted on for the largest size and started the whole thing. If it’s too small, I will steek the sides and knit panels to fit. I am only about 3 pattern rows in.

I meant before I started in earnest to make a blog post discussing where I’d got my 2-color idea with pictures from the people who knitted them. I guess that will come later. lol

I am nearly finished with the gail shawl. I will use black wherever the burgundy leaves off on the edging. I checked with my aunt to make sure she doesn’t mind it being two colors.

Today I plan to clean up a little (just enough to kill the “crafting when you should be cleaning” guilt), do some background reading on the crochet project, and spin.

I’m going to clear some space today, clear some space tomorrow, and keep working on it until I can sit down in here in peace. I do not want to have to look at the same old clutter in the new year.


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