New Year’s resolution entry for Stash and Burn podcast

Nicole of Stash and Burn started a contest thread on Ravelry. She was asking knitters to list one knitting-related New Year’s resolution in the thread to qualify.

I apparently don’t think like that, because I couldn’t come up with just one. A bunch of “want to” projects, “should have been started ages ago,” and potential projects crowded up, and I had to make a list to sort my thoughts.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Finish my WIPS (6 main ones), both large and small (including a sweater and tops for my fingerless mitts).
  2. Knit the East Meets West purse.
  3. Knit for fun after the first two goals are completed.
  4. Reorganize my stash (yarns and magazines) and sell items I’m no longer attached to.
  5. This will take a while, but knit enough yarn to clear out one of my giant fiber totes/shopping bags. I have 3, and my goal is never to buy another unless one is broken and needs to be replaced.

I am trying to get at least two big projects done so my stash numbers on Ravelry will go down. I figure finishing the bathroom project and my Henry VIII sweater are good starting points. I have made pretty good headway on the bathroom set. I am thinking I will start the small rugs this weekend, and save the toilet lid cover for last since that has given me the most problems. I am thinking about canceling the floral design on the lid since I had so much trouble making it work, and using the same pattern as the rest of the toilet tank. It works up so fast and the fabric it makes is more substantial looking.

[photo of pattern]

I am on what I consider row 3 of the sweater. Yes, it is going to be a long time until it has a section worth taking a photo of, but at least I started the thing, and will keep going on it. It’s one of the projects covered in No. 1 of my resolutions. Hopefully I will have finished it by the end of the summer.

finished object: 3 hour cowl

Took me about 6 hours, I guess. I love this pattern! it’s only a 3 row repeat that even I have been able to memorize. Way cool!




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