Not socks, a hat!

Decided to make a hat instead of socks out of the nebula yarn Cheryl gave me. It’s a beautiful yarn: the Nebula colorway by KnittyandColor.

I have crocheting fail on bathroom set side, but I am going to keep working on it anyway. I want this to be done by January. I looked at the most recent part I finished, and the dye lot changed, so the top half is darker.

That is so aggravating. I have enough of the older yarn where I was working on the toilet lid, but I think I am going to cut off the old part at the beginning, redo the old rows in the newer yarn and then graft it onto the top part so they’ll match. Because I keep looking at it, and if I can see it in dim light, I know anyone else would whenever the lid is down.

I am having a really hard time not casting on anything else. I’m working on another three-hour cowl and then the bathroom set for the rest of the night. I will probably work steadily on it Friday as well, if I feel well enough. May have to skip Friday knit night.


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