Crochet bathroom set, final post 1 of 3

Here’s hoping this is one the last three posts ever about working on this project, versus completed, “for all time” posts. I want to have it done before the end of January. It can suck all it wants, but I intend to be victorious, with a finished set to show for all my aggro.

Current status:

  • on the last fourth of the tank cover. Had to redo the top of it because it was in a different dye lot. I believe there’s enough of the old yarn to make the color match all the way through the big piece. The tank lid is in the new dyelot color, but the ivory yarn should make enough of a break between the two that the color change doesn’t matter.
  • took measurements for the sink rugs, which should be about 33×19 overall. I intend to add ribbon edging on 3 sides. I don’t think having edging on the sink side makes any sense.
  • need to do the shower curtain ties and towel edging.


I had to frog about two rows of “shell stitch” edging on the lid so that I can make it fit better. Plan to do a couple of extra single crochet rows with increases at the corners so it will relax the fit. Then I will add some shell stitch edging and do the ivory lace part.

I am aggravated about the reworking. I don’t really like working on it at knit night either. I think I have spoiled myself with making it along to tv shows, because it feels like I’ve had giant blocks of uninterrupted crocheting time and that I am making enormous progress. However, I am still not done. That’s the irritating part. Being sick for a week or so didn’t help my attitude either.

This project has made me think even more about big projects for myself. I want to make myself an afghan, and three or four sweaters. I constantly think about what I could be making if I wasn’t working on this, and what I could be making when I take a break from it.

I also think about how much stuff I am going to make for me from my stash. I don’t think with the stash I have, I would want it all to be for me. Where would I put it all? Jenn was the first person I heard say this, and I think she has a point. I have used shawls occasionally at home, and worn one in public two or three times. I have used mitts two or three times in the car, and the same amount at work. I think I would do better to knit myself some warm cardigans, sweaters, jackets and socks than smaller or lacier items. Lace is beautiful, but it really doesn’t work well for me from warmth aspect. Maybe if it was doubleknit, or backed with felt.

I am working on laundry today since I haven’t been home for almost a week. In between that I am soaking yarn that I finished navajo plying (Jenn’s blue machine knitting yarn) and  planning for other projects. I intend to recheck the yarn stash for the East Meets West purse so I can start knitting it soon. I have also been looking at the knitpicks basketeweave vest, a slipstitched design.


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