Cleaning off my desk….again….

I actually made a plan so maybe it will stay decluttered. If it wasn’t so  close to the window, I would totally have the stash in the clear shoeboxes on the top of it for decoration. I really need to work on this area and make it a nice, neat knitting corner that I would use more often.

I already have a nice knitting chair to work from, thanks to the generosity of people I don’t even know. My roommate’s coworker and her husband were trying to give away a chair and I needed a chair, problem solved!

Pictures of yarn sounds redundant, but I’m not sure what else could go here. Maybe move some future project cards over here and put a clock where they were taped to the wall. Feel free to make a suggestion.

Here’s hardheaded old me, banging my head against the same stubborn brick wall. I am on the verge of doing something drastic with the felted nightstand mat. I tried more felting to see if the cut ruffles would refelt and they virtually laughed in my face. Now they sit around saying Nah nah nah nah nah in their disappointing way.

Ideas: Cut it into coasters and embroider Nah Nah Nahs on them. Heifers. That’ll show ’em. Cut and form it to make an Oh Fransson charging/storage basket for phones and nightstand stuff. Give it to Cheryl, who makes felted vases. That doesn’t sound right, though…that’s like giving away a problem to make more problem, but if the charging basket/coasters don’t work, maybe.

had a lot of fun last weekend

Me and a Raveler named toe are getting ready to have an E. Meets W. purse KAL in February. I found a boss tutorial about changing colors in the kit to something you like better, and I spent about two and half hours working on that thing for mine. And guess who I learned it from? Bogiebogie, who made the Juliet sweater I was so in love with I ordered a copy of the pattern from Interweave and tracked down some yarn. And bought some beads. And bought some more beads because when I went the cheap route, I bought beads that were so misshapen I wouldn’t wear them to a dog fight. Not fitting for a dress sweater for sure.

But I digress. Here’s bogiebogie’s east meets west project link.

Here’s her link to her blog post about the changing colors.

As for the colors I will use, I am changing the pinks used in the front and the lid to either fuschia or bluebell, which would be more to my liking. The insert that goes on the bottom will have a dark purple fair isle pattern across stripes of light purple and fuchsia. If I could have worked the mulberry in I would have, but there isn’t enough light colors for it to stand out in the kit. It is much darker than fuschia when it comes to color values.

Majestic and mulberry color test.

majestic (bottom left) was the color I decided on for the flowers in the bottom of the bag strap. The three colors in the middle were lighter colors to replace the ones used originally in the pattern. Hopefully these three will blend a little better than the originals. The one in the middle is actually a light purple.

black and white version to test color values

It looks like the mulberry is a bit darker, but I didn’t like its flatness compared to the other colors.

Here’s the pictures I started with of the whole kit.


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