Project status updates

East Meets West Bag

I’m three rows into the strap insertion chart on the east meets west bag. I am wondering how everybody else knits so fast that their insert charts are done. lol. Maybe they’re better at paying attention than I am. This is an at home project for me right now. I really can’t pay attention to much else when I’m doing it.

Tree of Life socks

A backburner project of mine is the Tree of Life sock pattern by Janel Laidman. I chose two Juliespins yarns and got this far on them:

Here’s the yarns in a pic that really doesn’t do  them justice. The gold has a strand of glitter throughout it. The blackish one is a skein of Euro fingering. I think it’s called Scottish Nights.

I think between the fair isle purse kit and the fair isle sweater I kind of lost interest in working on this. I had issues with increasing too, where I was going to start the striping for the foot at the toes, but maybe I will just hold two strands of the dark yarn together until I finish the toe increases, then start the striping. It feels like a copout to me though.

Hat for me

Since I obviously have so few things to work on (and it has been real cold the past few days), I started a double-stranded hat for myself in the yarn Cheryl gave me from her SAFF trip. It’s nice to work with, but I might start it over. It’s not fun working ribbing increases.

Henry the Eighth

I don’t have any current pics of this project, but so far so good. I am on the 5th or 6th row from the edging. I knitted 5 or 6 rows of plain knittingto give the “in the round” knitting some stabilization before I began the chart, since I’m not knitting it exactly to pattern. I don’t think the 2×2 multicolor ribbing is the way I want my bottom edge to go, and I hate the issues I’ve had with provisional cast ons being maintained as you knit the first half of it.





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