This was going to be a different post

I was going to do a giant breakdown of stuff in my Ravelry account so I could tighten it down to stuff I definitely want to work with and make. I’d gotten it started, and it was so big that I put it on hold until I can reorganize the whole thing.

Since I started that list though, I have sold a few yarns and fibers. It was fun watching it sell. I still have a few pieces left, but the best part about it is clearing some room in my stash storage. (Selling it goes way faster than knitting it up, that’s for sure!)

I sold the Palette that I had no immediate plans for, and I don’t see myself regretting that. I’d used a small part of it making felted fish, and now I don’t have to look at it any more. That took a lot of yarn out of there. I also sold some books and a Juliespins braid.

Last weekend I finished knitting the second Gail shawl, which I haven’t blocked yet. It’s nice to have that done. There are two more Stash Dash goals left for me to complete: a scarf for my cousin, and a cowl to make from some handspun.

One thing I’ve liked about the sale is it has clarified some things. I would like to condense yarn and fiber stash storage to two tote bags instead of 3, and the shoeboxes on the closet shelf. I’d like to reduce my stash even further to things I really want to knit with. I say that in italics, but imagine my surprise when I picked one of the “not so wanted yarns” and find it cool to knit with. Maybe I need to test some of them before I sell them or give them away.

I want to also condense my books a bit more. They’re taking up quite a bit of space.

I have some awesome knitting/crafting books, but there are a few that are just “to read,” not to knit from. Some are looky loo, coffee table types. Some are instructional for later, and some are just me being curious about how certain things are done. I may go through them all again to cull them out some more.

Of course, I intend to make some room for a few books on my list, the Alden Amos book of spinning for one.


Off topic:

Journey on the brain

Don’t Stop Believing. Suzanne. Steve Perry. Arnel Pineda. Without You. Open Arms. Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’. Journey the Breakup. Journey the Resurrection. I have been Journey obsessed the past few days, and I would like to say I’m tired of it. I get tired of the same song circling round my brain all day, but it I can break it up with other beloved songs and interviews, it’s not so bad. I am loving being able to get videos and music and interviews on Youtube.

Found an early 2012 interview with Steve Perry by Denver Radio, and it is the coolest thing to listen to, because it is nice to hear his uninterrupted, not-chopped-up point of view, like they do in biography shows where the whole group’s not in the same room. It’s a long one and thank God he can look back with a sense of humor on it all now. It was great to listen to.

Other favorites are the clips where Neal Schon and Arnel Pineda talk about how Pineda was discovered and asked to join Journey.

I didn’t even realize a second guy had been picked as lead singer since Steve Augeri had been hired. (Apparently he had medical problems with his voice, which lead to a search for new singer after a Journey song was played in the last ep of “The Sopranos” and featured on Glee.)


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