Project options for the day

Housesitting today. Projects I bought with me.

  • bathroom set – bought extra yarn to finish it off finally.
  • skein of yarn for socks
  • etisoppo footies yarn
  • purple shawl project, may try Skuld pattern for that
  • birthday yarn for Harlequin Opal shawl
  • two skeins of Rocky Mountain Mohair
  • Henry VIII sweater
  • Phantom of the Opera handspun skein to knit into a cowl. Only a few patterns in the Barbara Walker book are speaking to me on this one. I think one with a strong diagonal will work well.

I think I am going to put in two hours on the bathroom set, then pick one of the other items that is already in progress. I’ll work on that while I start my breakfast. You’d think I’d still be sleep at 8:30 a.m., considering how l went to bed around midnight.

I also have Melissa’s yarn I could hank and rewash, yarn in my for sale list, and two books of patterns to go through to match yarns with possible projects.

I know that’s a lot of stuff for a weekend, but I would rather pack it all and not need it than do a half-ass pack and wish I’d bought such-and-such a thing with me for knit night and sitting around the house, then be kicking myself because I left it. This has happened way too often lately.

So, bathroom set, two pairs of socks, two shawls, a sweater, a cowl. Sweater work is not going to happen unless I make a lot of headway on other stuff today.

The cowl and the purple shawl are on the Stash Dash 2012 list of stuff I started that I’m trying to finish in August.

The Harlequin shawl is for me, from some gorgeous yarn my friends bought me for my birthday. That can go on hold until some of the other stuff is done.

Etisoppo footies are worsted weight socks for me, in Gryffindor colors. They’ve been on the to do list forever and should go pretty fast. Depending on how things go, I may swatch to figure out a good needle for them, and start them if that goes well.

Second pair of socks, fingering weight socks for me that won’t be as fast, but I love starting toeups.

So, bathroom set and purple shawl work to start. If the shawl goes badly, cowl.  If that goes badly, footies. If that goes badly, start toeups. If that goes badly,

Yesterday I was on Ravelry and came across a free pattern for Non-felted Slippers by Yuko Nakamura. Yay!!! Now I can make slippers I don’t have to felt and worry about them going wrong. And I can use up that yarn in my stash AND have some slippers I can wear!

The person who showed me that is a stashsaver. I was kind of disappointed with how the nightstand mat came out all ruffled and wavy looking instead of a nicely felted square. This pattern idea makes me happier. I only wish I still had some of that wine-colored yarn left. Basic black is fine too, though.

I wonder if this would be good for that Noro yarn in my stash as well.


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