I don’t know what happened…

…but all of a sudden, it’s like I don’t know how to knit anymore. I was making a shawl and it was coming out pretty good until I got to the 3rd part, and now it’s like every time I pick it up an alien has landed, stolen time, and screwed up 15 rows of knitting.

Yarnovers when I started are completely different from yarnovers on row 78. The ones at the start have the appropriate two-strand twist in them. The later ones look like one strand, no twist.

I’d post pictures but I frogged everything and started over, at least five times yesterday. The yarnovers are now completely jacked up, unless I work on another project instead. Then they’re freaking perfect. Bastards.*

I started over at least 5 times and I am so aggravated I am almost ready to set actual yarn on fire. (not the good yarn, but yarn!)

So now I have been having review sessions on Youtube. (I Love Youtube. Almost as much as Amazon, now.) As far as I can tell, how they’re knitting and how I’m knitting is the same. Purling too. Checked knittinghelp.com – same story.

I feel like a freaking moron. I’m going to go work on something else, and when I come back if it doesn’t shape up, I’m putting this particular project in time out. I’m not even going to talk about it outside of this post right here.

*(I used to have a cousin who called people, even little children, bastards just in general conversation. She cursed a lot for a tiny gray-haired lady over 60 years old. I was generally in shock every time she opened her mouth because I’d never heard an older person curse like that. While I eventually found it entertaining, there was no way I’d go somewhere public with her swearing like that about everything, from people to clothes to salad dressing. I find it absolutely appropriate in this situation, however.)


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