A yarn dream

I think I had my first yarn dream ever night before last. It was great! I dreamed I was running a knitters’ convention, and I and my two helpers were busy setting up mystery yarn baskets for participants who were waiting for the next stage of the event.

Everybody had a card with kind of hard written clues. If the clues were solved correctly, it would lead to 8 different mystery baskets of  great yarn with a project chosen specifically for that yarn. Whoever found the most won a prize, and whoever won the most competitions during the convention won a grand prize.

And there was an “Trade Your Unwanted Hat Here” basket that was doing a roaring business! Everybody and their mama had a hand knitted hat they didn’t like or wanted to trade and everybody was able to trade at least once. No hat went unclaimed and no fights broke out. It was amazing! (I’m pretty sure it would never happen in real life though. I can be way too picky about stuff like that.)

We let the knitters in, and a few of them found baskets hidden behind decals on the wall. Shortly after that I woke up, so who knows what the prizes and grand prizes were going to be. Nice dream, though.



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