That list of 40

A couple of years ago, I came across a minimalism blog that listed 100 things to do toward a goal of starting a minimalist lifestyle, and I took the idea to apply to things I wanted to get done for myself, both life and knitting.

I am so glad I was only able to come up with about 75 things. 100 is a lot. (just saying).

Anyway, doing that helped me clarify what was most important, what could wait awhile, and what was no longer an issue, when I was having a very difficult “where do I go from here” time.

I have about 25 things left on that list. Some resurrected themselves from the strikethrough grave. Some of them, I had completely forgotten about. No surprise there.

About the Stash and Burn podcast: I want to listen to it again from the beginning, just because they began the impetus for “knit up your stash” for me. The weren’t the ones who came up with the idea originally (that was wendyknits and her friend LB), but they started the rav thread (Cold Sheep thread under Stash and Burn) that got me to try it. When I look at my giant yarn pile now, and think how stressed I was at having one container more of yarn than I planned on back then, I crack up – laughing.

Some of the best things ever have happened to me in that group. I finished my bathroom set because of them. I started a knitalong in there on the Holden shawl, which started out easy as pie (but eventually drove me up the wall. I finished it, but I had to do it my way.) My friend Melissa knitted one and didn’t have any trouble, so I guess it was just me. (Overthought it, I guess.)

It is also the place I have seen people achieve their stash knitting dreams, which was inspirational as hell! Go Brownberry and TangledThread!

Things from my list of 40

3. go through 3 financial books

4. box up medical books.

5. shelve knitting books. re-added because I need to do this again.

6. update website. (kind of an “always do” item)

7. knit p & p (what can i knit in 6 hours)

8. knit Dr. Horrible (1 hour)

9. knit the mummy (6 hours)

11. Start Jenn’s socks

14. knit the King Henry 8th sweater in progress. Cancelled. Sold book, not going to happen.

15. Knit other series. DONE-Castle, season 1. Re-added. Forgot some of what happened.

16. knit Horatio Hornblower

18. Fix VCR. Geez. Re-added.

20. Go through computer games. Do this again.

21. Get due dates to make payments.

23. Go through 3 organization books.

24. Check mom’s things for purse or make bag.

28. Knit Inspector movie with jason isaacs. What is it even called? He’s so freaking hot in it, all muscular and stuff, and even has a tattoo, which doesn’t appeal to me, but whatevs. His character in this is flawed, married and has a kid, but I choose to ignore those parts. lol
29. Reclaim the needles/stitchmarkers. Do this again.

30. Start Java programming.

33. Over-the-door hook for Jackets.

34. Spin 6 batts. revise new no.

36. Assign projects to yarn. started.

38. Measure yardage of misc. fingering so I know how much I have.

39. Ply Jenn’s yarns together (1 down, 1 to go)

40. knit stash and burn (the podcast)

List projects

Gracious cowl

Lady Eleanor

Juliet Pullover


light blue washcloth

P.S. See how there’s no pictures in this one? WordPress isn’t going to get me on that today. It refused to work with some picture I’d included in the post before this one. I was in a hurry, so I just gave up and saved the text. Maybe I’ll just have to link to pictures that are somewhere else instead. Also, it is really, really sad when you have to triple/quadruple proofread pages you typeset, when you’re a proofreader to begin with. This thing should have been perfect! lol


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