Compelled to post this new Mawelucky shawl, “Tru Wuv”

Based on the movie “The Princess Bride.” (I should watch that again.)


Tru Wuv by Jane Araujo


She made the design as a wedding shawl request for a group member. It is freaking awesome! So is the wedding photo.

Following along on the test knit, that shawl is gorgeous in every color! Pure white on a red wedding dress, purple, rainbow, gray, turquoise, multi — I love them all!

I went in to look at a few of the test pics and wound up reading the whole thing!



Looking at her patterns makes me want to knit the Luiza shawl again, but for myself this time. As hard as it was for me to knit it the first time, it is so freaking beautiful I can’t imagine not making one for me. It’s not like I don’t have any yarn. lol. I may start with the burgundy sock yarn I overdyed that I got from Melissa, and knit the edges in black sock yarn, since I probably don’t have enough to make it as big as I’d like.

I gave the blue one to a sick coworker. She was seriously ill and we didn’t know for months what was wrong with her…it was horrible. I was so glad she loved it. I never really know for sure until I actually give something to someone.

I’d also purchased her Ppaola design, which I haven’t actually got around to knitting either.


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