I’ve been watching a lot of tv the past few weeks…

… and working on the sweater. I finished the decreases and increases for the waist shaping on the sweater back and I’m about 44 rows away from the armhole decreases. I have started the ribbon holes section, where I plan to put some purple i-cord through the holes. The pattern calls for velvet ribbon, but it would have to be removed whenever I wash the sweater.

I have a finger counter that is great for temporary counting sessions, but I resorted to making the 5/10/15 pen marks in each section of the pattern every time I start a row.

It’s going pretty well. Every now and then have to go back down a row or two where I made a mistake.

I am also thinking about keeping the back as plain beaded knitting and regular stockinette without beads for the sleeves. If I don’t like the way the ribbon holes look, I’ll frog back down to there reknit it as stockinette with beads. It’s only about 44 rows to get to the armholes section.

I am knitting on size 2s and I think that’s going okay. Some of the beads still slip to the back side of the work a little bit, but they are still showing well on the right side.

Other knitting

I don’t know if I wrote it down, but I ran out of red yarn when I got 3/4’s done with the gracious cowl. I have seriously considered just picking another yarn in my stash to finish it out, but it would make that side of the cowl the wrong side.

I need to purchase the other ball that’s available on Ravelry, but I really want to be done with both yarn and project when it’s finished, and not have a bunch of extra yarn left over. I’d have to figure out what I was going to do with about 100 yards of red otherwise. It may be a little picky, but I don’t like to have more than a few yards of yarn left when I’m done with something, unless I really LOVE the yarn and have enough to make something else out of it.


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