The whole Ravelry project list

In progress:

  1. scarf – a mix of two yarns, with a bead design pattern from the Out on a Loom book.
  2. gracious cowl
  3. socks – green ones
  4. juliet sweater


  1. light blue washcloths
  2. Tumbling Deco shawl
  3. East Meets West bag
  4. Jultomtar gnome (doesn’t quite count since I never actually got started)
  5. Marcasite Mehndi Wrap
  6. Lady Eleanor wrap
  7. shirley paden design (generated from Ravelry group challenge). I can’t really call this a project. It’s something I’d like to do eventually.

Only 11? There’s not as many things on this list as I thought there was. I guess it’s a good thing that I mostly stuck to the “not casting on anything new until I finish _______ ….”

Right now, I will keep working on the scarf and the gracious cowl. I really don’t want to have to buy Ravelry stash to finish it.

Last week I found the red mini swatch I did for it (about 15 rows of 40 stitches). I also found a bigger red yarn swatch that I think came from the same ball, probably for when I attempted the Arcade Mode Fingerless Gloves. I think it’s enough red to finish the project, and if it looks obvious that it’s not, I can wear that part on the inside.

I hate I read the pattern wrong on the gloves. It made my project not look as randomly cool as the designer’s before I even got halfway done with the first one, and that really irritated me, so I frogged them.


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