Cold sheeping and ideas for 2015

I was on Ravelry a couple of days ago in the Cold Sheep section. In the “Goals for 2015 part, TangledThread was asking people, “What worked for your cold sheep goals last year? What didn’t work?”

That got me to thinking, and I signed back up for Cold Sheep again with a few exceptions.

What didn’t work was that I barely had any goals set for 2014. Usually, I know of a few projects I’ll be able to get to by summer, things I really fall in love with and want to make.

Instead, I was trying to finish UFOs that were mostly achievable, a few that were lofty, and some that I wasn’t sure how to proceed with, so I really dreaded them.

Most of my favorite knitting is done or started in the summer too, it seems like, when it’s warmer and I feel more like doing stuff.

To that end, I have set myself the following Cold Sheep 2015 goals. I may add more when I’m feeling more into it.

  • purchase one sweater-quantity of yarn this year for a personal top down challenge.
  • design sweater for that yarn using Custom Knits and the Shirley Paden book, and the Top Down Knitting book.
  • only buy more yarn if needed to finish a pattern or supplement other 400-yard yarn in stash.
  • knit the Brandywine shawl.
  • knit the Japanese shawl by Wendyknits.
  • knit one of the mitten patterns I bought.

I started swatching for the Brandywine shawl last night, but I need to go down a needle size and can’t find my Knitpicks set right now. lol.

Other knitting

I finished the fair isle part of the gracious cowl, but I am having difficulties getting the i-cord edging to look good. I am probably doing it wrong. I intend to do another round of stitching on a smaller needle, then use the same smaller needle to do the i-cord bind off.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll bind the one row off and seam the edges together.


I haven’t looked at the sweater for a few weeks. I frogged what I’d knitted on the wrong size needle, casted back on, got 3 rows into the edging and put it down.

I got a little tired of carrying it around, too. lol. I will get back to it someday.


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