WordPress site change – how to get to stuff

I guess companies get bored with the same old same old and change things to see if anybody’s paying attention. They may even figure that if they make a change and nobody gets pissed off about it, they must not be doing well.

Or that making it easy for people to update their blogs and log out means less clicks for WordPress, “So screw you bloggers!”

Being pissed about not being able to find anything, or log out (!!!), is not helpful in my case, so I’m making a list on how to get to where I need to go from the section shown below.

I will try not to whine about it anymore in this particular post.

The three links under the Stringing Me Along “plate” in the upper left hand corner are:

*View Site – takes you to the front page of your site within WordPress. Does not log you out.

*WP Admin – takes you to the Dashboard section.

*Stats – self-explanatory.

How to get to one of your other WordPress sites under the same username, from the log in window:

  • Down the left-hand side, under the name of the blog you’re currently logged into, hit the “< Switch Site” link and pick the one you want to work on.

How to work on widgets:

  • Click WP Admin.
  • In the gray sidebar, hover over Appearance and choose Widgets from the popup menu.

How to edit the links in the Links Widget:

  • Click WP Admin.
  • In the sidebar, click Links.

To change your header or look of your blog, go to WP Admin/Appearance/Themes, or WP Admin/Appearance/Customize.

How to log out:

Oh wow, they may have actually updated the “Sign out” issue.

  • The longer way: From  the “My Sites page, click on your Gravatar icon (mine’s the little green circle).
  • Click “Sign Out” underneath the giant Gravatar icon on the left.

The shorter way:

  • If you’re still in Dashboard, hover over your Gravatar icon at the top right and click “Sign Out.”

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