Working a shawl from the bottom up; mini-me dress form pics

A week or so ago I cast on for the Japanese Garden Shawl created by WendyKnits.

The main reason I wanted to make this one is it is one of the few shawls where you start with a huge amount of stitches and work your way up it to the next. The hardest part and longest rows get done first, which seems like giving myself a giant break!

I’m using the Juliespins Euro in Monet for it. It has quite a bit of variegation (and is thinner than I expected). but the colors in it are so gorgeous. I don’t know how much the pattern will show, but that’s not something I am concerned about this particular go round. I needed a pick me up and this yarn color is definitely helping!

This is one of a few projects I have set as my cold sheep goal through this summer.

I am also continuing work on my sweater (about 1/8 of the front section is done); and have plans to finish a pair of socks, knit the Brandywine shawl, and start designing a sweater for a sweater quantity of yarn. (If things go my way, I hope to buy some Juliespins fingering weight from another Raveler.

Mini-me pics

A couple of years ago, my roommate helped me make a dress dummy using instructions from the Custom Knits book by Wendy Bernard. You can also do a search for “dress dummy instructions” or “dress dummy duct tape” for free how-tos.

My dress dummy needs to be repaired a little. The back where it was cut down the center to be removed and placed on a hangar has come apart. I plan to mark a horizontal waistline on there at some point as well.

This is the back:

This is the front:

It’s a little messy, but it serves its purpose. Here it is with the Juliet sweater back clipped to it.


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