Working on the heel

For a pair of toe ups. Using Wendy Knits toe-up slip stitch heels for high instep. (LOL if I heard the person use some other term and got it mixed up with “high instep.” I’m hoping that if they fit me, they will fit her okay, but won’t know until I’ve turned it and done a little more work.)

* * *


Changed the plans and went with Blossom Knits’ video tutorial. Had to frog it back down some because it was a little too long, but I like how it looks like a more traditional heel flap.

Cold sheep goal status:

  • STARTED – knit the Japanese shawl by Wendyknits.
  • STARTED – design sweater for that yarn using Custom Knits and the Shirley Paden book, and the Top Down Knitting book.
  • knit one of the mitten patterns I bought.
  • only buy more yarn if needed to finish a pattern or supplement other 400-yard yarn in stash.
  • purchase one sweater-quantity of yarn this year for a personal top down challenge
  • STARTED but frogged – knit the Brandywine shawl.

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