Worked on the shawl some more, poncho design in test knits

Came in here to add on that I wasn’t going to fix an error I’d made in it earlier, and decided to just do another post while I was at it.

I came across this gorgeous poncho on the Testing Pool forum on Ravelry. That is a prolific kind of place; it seems like 20 or more new designs a day pop up in there for people to test, usually for free, with restrictions on yarn used and a time limit to finish the pattern.

I am not a great test knitter, and I have to constantly quit trying to be one. My ego keeps telling me “You can do eeettt!!!” Experience tells me, “Would you freaking stoooooopppp lying to yourself and designers before I do a Lady Mary and commence to ‘slapping you about the head and face?'” (Experience has a point there.)

I now tend to just tell people to earburn me when the pattern is ready. That way I can plug it elsewhere on Ravelry, and maybe in here. Over the past couple of weeks I requested a lot of earburns on sweater test knits so that I can post links to them in the sweater inspiration group I started on Ravelry.

The poncho thread is “Open – Knit: Girl’s Best Friend Poncho,” and the designer has just started looking for test knitters.

I love it! It’s like a lace mesh diamond design with garter stitch neckline and borders. It may even work with some of my worsted weight stash. I’ll keep an eye on it.


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