Double knitting in a MKAL

One of my goals for the year is keeping up fully with a knitalong. I joined the Born of Fire KAL on Ravelry. I started off okay, but my participation fell off some when it took me a while to get the gist of it.

Not that it was difficult; I just had moments when I realized I was knitting the front side rows from the wrong direction. And had to frog certain rows and do them over.

Also, since it’s double knitting, there were some instances where I would frog down to correct a problem, but the yarns were twisted around each other. That’s not something you can really fix without frogging down to it. It’s so pretty, and there’s so much more knitting I have to do, that I can live with those errors.


Here’s the other side:


I have 18 rows left of chart 1 of 1. There’s about 18 charts, I guess.

I am also still working on the rainbow socks for myself. I finished the heels and a little bit of the leg. I tried the fish lips kiss heel for the first time and they fit my feet so well it’s a little scary. I wouldn’t mind them being a smidgen less tight.

The yarn is like laceweight level, so I am having to increase about 16-20 stitches for it to fit me at the bottom of my calves, and then once I get them wide enough I will start about 2 inches of knitting to finish them off. I love them, but honestly, I wish I was using thicker yarn.

That said, it’s been an educational experience on making smaller gauge items, and I appreciate Melissa helping me out with those. I will probably be doubling up “fingering weight” yarns to make myself more pairs.



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