JanPlan brought up on Ravelry

One of the members of a Ravelry group  I’m in posted an announcement about JanPlan, a method where you choose one or two things to focus on or learn in January. I am thinking about sweater making, spinning, and job hunting.

If I make a good start on something in December I’m hoping that will give me impetus for the next year.

I picked up the rainbow socks again. The heel is coming along. I am doing major increases along the center back to have enough stitches for the top of the foot above the ankle. I’m at something like 80 stitches per sock now, which seems ridiculous, bu it’s a very fine yarn.

I think my foot sample may have been a little off, because when I knit the fish lips kiss heel it felt weird on my foot, so I frogged it and have been winging it since. I hope they fit really well and last a long time. I am going to weave extra yarn in the toes and heels to extend their lives once I’m done with the knitting. I guess I will stop at crew length on the legs.


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