Current knitting

The main projects I’m working on are the rainbow socks, the Noro cowl, and dragon/phoenix scarf.

I only picked the scarf back up Thursday when I had a day off. I have finished a chart, not completely correct, but I have learned a bad lesson about not being able to fix errors that are more than one or two rows down.

I added some more rows onto the Noro and multi-yarn cowl. Some of it was a gray stash yarn I doubled to kind of match the Noro, and I’m knitting the black silk/wool blend used for some former mitts into it. It’s really soft. When that’s gone, I’m going to use a skein of black Cascade 220 to finish it off.

I’ve turned the heel on the rainbow socks. Because I winged it, they are kind of on the baggy side, on each side of the heel, and one wrinkle on the top of the  and listening to digital books has been a great help keeping me going on them. I’m going to knit as long as I have yarn.


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