I have a few goals for 2017

I spent a couple of hours picking colors for the Inara Wrap by Ambah Designs. I had to. The designer’s ads pop up a lot on the Ravelry threads I visit, and the last time I got so I WANT THIS about one of her designs, I decided I’d better knit the first pattern of hers I’d bought before I upped and bought another one. (I’ve been buying a lot of patterns lately.  The most recent ones tend to be ones I can use for stash knitting, so hopefully that will help me use up some of the older yarns I’m not crazy about.)

Since I don’t have a gradient set and no current funds to buy one, for this pattern I got some of my variegated and solid yarns together. Hopefully they’ll work well and complement each other. If not, I’ll go back in and pick all solids.

While I was picking yarns for that one, I also picked yarns for two versions of the Rikaart Cowl. One is a going to be a mix of tweedy yarns; the other is a bunch of worsted solids. I made two or three failed attempts on the solid one. The first time I lost track of where I was in the pattern. The second and third time, I dropped a few stitches and had to start over from the beginning, at which point I put them in time out for a later day. Next time, I will go in with a  pen, a row counter, and a different type of needle. I was using a non -lace Addi turbo, which was a little too blunt to me for this project. A friend of mine may also knit it along with me. Maybe that will get me off to a better start.

I turned the heel and have gotten past the ankles on the rainbow socks. I still have a lot of yarn to use up. I will probably get to at least mid-calf.

I may pull out the Gracious Cowl I knitted a while back but never finished the bind off on. It is a striking, beautiful cowl, and I plan to make another in different colors. I haven’t been able to do a good-looking i-cord bind off, but I will give it another shot.


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