Working on old things

I have a couple of patterns I was dying for when I first came across them: the Black Olives stole; the Forest Path Stole; and the Butterfly dress or vest.

The yarn for the Forest Path Stole, an almost entirely entrelac project, is some of the oldest yarn in my stash, and it’s still on my must make list. I’m going to test knit on it a little and see if I can handle working with the laceweight I bought for it.


That yarn is a story in itself. It’s a chocolate pink blend and I spent months looking for an equivalent in dark burgundy, dark green and/or cranberry — no luck. So I bought a second skein and my friend Melissa and I overdyed one of them cranberry. It was more like tinted it cranberry, I think. I had such high hopes and an even higher fear of failure that I never actually tested them together. Nothing that freaking lightweight should be so important. lol

If it works well together, I’ll have a whole week to knit on it without a lot of distraction. Here’s hoping

That’s me, staying on point. What I meant to say was I have a pair of plain toeup socks I’m working on currently in Lime n Violet yarn. (I’ll work on those in conjunction with the entrelac.)


That L n V podcast was cra-a-a-zy, and while it blew up in a bad way, I have very fond memories of it, so working with the yarn is kind of a throwback to good times for me. One other skein or so left in another colorway. I’ll probably make a cowl of some sort out of this red/white/blue one.




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